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Build sites faster with Jolty UI!

Accessible, customizable, and open source components for your next project without any dependencies.


Create customizable alert dialogs and prompt messages. Design templates and add animations for confirmations, alerts, and form submissions.


Show content over an element with focus trap and CSS-based positioning. Suitable for complex tooltips and context menus.


Compact UI element with links and keyboard navigation. Ideal for menus, selection lists, and action items.


Send push notifications and alert messages with customizable templates and animations. Ideal for updates, alerts, and feedback messages.


An interactive component which opens and closes content via expandable panel.


Display additional information in a floating box on user interaction. Great for providing context and extra details without clutter.


Create expandable and collapsible content sections. Ideal for organizing large amounts of information in a compact, user-friendly format.


Organize content into multiple sections for easy navigation. Ideal for displaying related information in a compact, user-friendly way.
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